Sesame Noodles

So I’ve managed to bring a rather underwhelming lunch for my first day… at least the picture isn’t very exciting, but lunch was pretty good! I had sesame peanut noodles with roast duck and some veggies on the side.

I made the noodles last night – there’s a place in Rye, NY where I grew up called June & Ho’s that has the best sesame noodles in the world… the ones I made last night paled in comparison but were much better than the ones you find in the big delis in Manhattan. The duck was leftover from some duck with pancakes I ordered for dinner the night before (they always give you more duck than pancakes!). Also pretty good lukewarm. On the side, I had some red pepper slices with taramasalata – I’ve recently been craving it all the time, so I figured I’d incorporate it into my lunch… (as a warning, I’ll probably find some way to incorporate it into a noodle dish by next week).


Here are the noodles and duck… I promise I’ll learn how to take better pictures, but I do have a Blackberry as a phone, so I don’t think any of them are going to be great!


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